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Consumers have been skittish about the notion of artificial intelligence (AI) invading their homes. Whispers like “What if robots take over?” or “Is anyone spying on me?” is heard all over. But now those same consumers are starting to embrace the new technology in their personal lives and businesses.

This, in turn, has raised the confidence of companies interested in the technology – so much that companies have tripled their AI investment since 2013.


AI has the potential to completely change the way companies do business; and because of technological developments, more companies, in 2019, will be able to access and implement this life-changing technology. Already, companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google are leading the way.


Below are future expected advances for the technology and AI trends to watch for in 2019.


More advanced AI assistants


Consumers have been benefiting from having AI assistants in their homes for some time now with the introduction of Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, and other devices. You can ask AI assistants to play you a song, tell you the weather, search out information online, turn off your house lights and much more.


Consumers have been embracing this new AI-powered technology. In a study done by Adobe Analytics, 71 percent of smart-speaker owners reported using them at least daily, while 44 percent said they used them multiple times a day. So in 2019, expect to see even more advanced AI assistants in your home, at work, and in other areas of your life.


As of now, what consumers ask AI assistants to do is pretty basic, like searching for and playing a particular song. But expect to see big changes in the tasks AI assistants can perform in the near future. AI assistants will soon be able to provide even more individualized experiences as they get better at recognizing different users’ voices.


AI-powered recruiting tools


For many businesses, the recruiting process is one of their most time-consuming and stressful tasks, but with advancements in artificial intelligence, AI-powered recruiting tools will be a recruitment trend to watch for in 2019


Conversational AI-powered search


Because users will soon start using AI-powered assistants in new ways and more often, advanced conversational AI-powered search will be a huge trend. With the introduction of voice search, the way in which consumers search online has changed.