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Bob Vaters





Bob Vaters is President of Carob Parterns LLC, strategic acquisition and investor consulting firm. Bob is an inspirational and highly experienced leader with a history in multiple roles across the C-Suite of organizations, and he has both domestic and international experience. Mr. Vaters has led businesses to thrive and reach their next plateaus of growth via his financial, corporate strategy, investment, deal-making, and capital-raising expertise.

His key goal through his many years of leadership and hard work has been to lead significant transformative milestones that elevate a company’s results from poor or mediocre to great.

Bob Vaters is known for holding a strong passion for taking organizations and businesses alike from delivering poor or mediocre results to outstanding results. He does this by maximizing top and bottom line and enhancing employee engagement. He’s known as an inspirational leader in several C level positions in medical devices, specialty pharma, biotech, finance, and technology organizations.

Mr. Vaters has a record of success growing operating income by net income. He is particularly successful at refocusing an organization and rallying the troops.

Stay tuned for more of his blogs and insight into entrepreneurship, leadership, and healthcare, seen from the perspective of a seasoned executive professional in the sector. Bob Vaters will share some of the most interesting topics in how he geared around leadership and organizational transformation.